Two Ways to Use a Roof Rack During Specific Seasons

Two Ways to Use a Roof Rack During Specific Seasons

Two Ways to Use a Roof Rack During Specific Seasons

8 April 2021
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If you're not quite sure how much use you'd get out of a roof rack, here are some ways that you could utilise it during specific seasons.

You could put all of your beach paraphernalia on the rack during the summertime

Roof racks can be particularly useful in the summer if you're a regular beach-goer. After you've gone for a swim, made a few sandcastles and had a picnic, you'll usually be left with a bundle of sopping-wet towels and swimwear, as well as a picnic blanket, buckets and spades that are coated in sand. Putting these items in your car's boot or the backseat with your passengers will mean that the sand and the seawater that's on them will leave the interior wet, musty and sandy, and you'll have lots of car cleaning to do when you return home. However, if your car has a roof rack, you can throw all of these items in a rucksack, attach them to the rack, drive home and know that your car will be free of sand and seawater.

On the occasions when you just go for a quick swim and only bring your swimsuit and towel, you can even use this accessory as a drying rack; all you need to do is wring out the items so they're not completely wet, and then stretch them out on the rack and secure them to it. The breeze that blows over and under them as your car whizzes home will mean they'll probably be dry by the time your drive is over.

Use it when shopping for Christmas decor and big gifts

Roof racks can also be great at Christmas. For example, if you always get a real Christmas tree, having a roof rack will make the experience of taking this item home each year far easier, as you won't have to cram the tree into the car's boot and leave the latter ajar (which is risky) or have to worry about tree looking misshapen as a result of being stuffed into your vehicle for a long time. You also won't be left with pine needles all over your boot after you remove it.

The rack could also be useful if you want to get large presents (like a doll's house, a bicycle or a huge teddy bear) that you have to pick up in person. When putting big items like this in a vehicle, you could break them, in which case, you might have to quickly replace them (which might be hard to do during the hectic Christmas period) or you might end up having to get the recipients other gifts instead. Conversely, if your vehicle has a rack onto which you can tie these items, they'll arrive at your home in perfect condition, and your Christmas shopping experience won't end up turning into a nightmare.

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