How to Choose the Right Trim-to-Fit Vinyl Car Mats

How to Choose the Right Trim-to-Fit Vinyl Car Mats

How to Choose the Right Trim-to-Fit Vinyl Car Mats

8 April 2021
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If you don't want to pay for a custom-sized car mat that exactly fits your model, then you can buy universal mats that fit any vehicle. However, these mats might not give you an exact fit. They might be too big to stay in place securely, or too small to keep dirt away from the floor.

You can also buy trim-to-fit vinyl car mats. You cut these mats to shape so that they fit your specification. However, you do need to choose the right product to get the right results.

What should you look for?

1. Easy Cut Vinyl

While all vinyl is cuttable, some mats are harder to cut than others. They might be too thick, or they might have ridges and treads where you want to cut that you can't get through easily with scissors.

You might find it hard to make straight and even cuts that don't damage the vinyl. Your finished results might look ragged.

So, look for products that can be cut with a strong pair of scissors. If the mat cuts easily, then you can trim it to size quickly and effectively.

2. Guide Lines

Many trimmable car mats have lines on them that you can use as cutting guides. These lines make it easier for you to cut the mat to a standard size.

Cutting lines also help you avoid making mistakes. If you cut the mat down too much, then it will be too small for its space. Guidelines let you experiment first.

So, if you start off by cutting along the first guide, then you can gauge how far in you need to go to get the perfect fit. You can then cut the mat further in if you need to.

Plus, these guidelines are often raised pieces of vinyl. If you cut around their outside edge, then your mats will have a useful lip around their edges that keeps dirt on the mat itself, rather than letting it spread around the car.

3. Model-Specific Products

While universal car mats are meant to fit most vehicles, they'll be too big for some and too small for others. It might pay to pick a generic product that targets your car brand and model.

Model-specific products should give you a better fit. In some cases, you might not have to cut some mats down at all; others might only need a quick trim here and there.

To find out more, talk to vinyl car mat suppliers.

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