4WD Service Tips for First-Time Car Owners

4WD Service Tips for First-Time Car Owners

4WD Service Tips for First-Time Car Owners

26 May 2020
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4WD trucks are sturdy vehicles, and they can take a lot of rough handling. That said, 4WD trucks need some TLC every few months to ensure optimal performance. Therefore, regular and timely 4WD servicing is crucial to the efficient performance of your 4x4 truck. However, 4WD servicing can be a little murky for first-time owners. This article highlights tips on how to approach 4WD servicing.

Tire Rotation and Balancing 

A 4WD transfer case is a critical component for shifting gears. Notably, all tires on a 4x4 vehicle must be of equal size for ease of transmission. Unfortunately, most 4x4 owners don't take time to inspect the tires on their trucks, unaware that excessive tire wear can potentially damage a transfer case unit. Moreover, the front and rear tires rotate at different speeds on 4x4 trucks; therefore, regular tire rotation and balancing are mandatory. You can avoid expensive transfer case damage by having your truck's tires balanced and rotated by a qualified mechanic. If one or more tires show excessive signs of tear and wear, you should replace them accordingly.

Filter Change 

You can only enjoy the perks that a 4WD truck has to offer when you go off-road driving. However, remember that off-road trails are filled with all manner of dirt and grime, which can take a toll on a truck. The good news is that 4WD trucks are equipped with robust air filters that ensure an engine does not suffer the consequences of excessive dirt. Nonetheless, filters eventually clog, thereby compromising the performance of an engine. For this reason, it crucial to have filters checked and cleaned every time you visit an auto-shop. It is especially the case if you continuously go off-road driving on dirty and dusty trails and roads. When a filter blocks even partially, you should change it immediately.

Winch Service 

A winch is arguably the most overlooked part of a 4x4 truck despite its importance. A winch gets pelted by sand, pebbles, and water constantly by virtue of its location on a truck. The location of a winch means that it collects all types of dirt and might even rust if not cleaned regularly. Under such conditions, your truck's winch will likely fail when you need it the most. For this reason, ensure you inspect a winch system thoroughly. Apart from cleaning it, your mechanic should unwind a winch and check its entire length for signs of wear and tear. 

For more tips and tricks, reach out to a local 4WD service centre.   

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