Have you found the right head bolts?

Have you found the right head bolts?

Have you found the right head bolts?

27 April 2020
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It doesn't matter whether you plan to race your car around the track or just drive to the supermarket for your weekly shop, you must have a vehicle on which you can rely. When thinking about maintaining your vehicle, you will need to be concerned about both the bodywork and the mechanical parts of the vehicle, and one area where you will certainly want to devote some attention is the exhaust. A damaged or poorly functioning exhaust can lead to serious problems while you are driving, so it is vital that you pay attention as soon as you suspect that there is a problem. When you want to fit an exhaust header to either a road car or a strip vehicle, there are two points which will merit particular attention. You might be concerned about the prospect of a leaky gasket or perhaps you could be worried about the bolts holding the exhaust becoming loose while you are driving. The most effective solution is to make sure that you choose the right head bolts when you are fitting the exhaust.

Drive with confidence

If you use generic or lower-quality parts for work on your vehicle, then there is always going to be a concern at the back of your mind that something could go wrong. When you use the wrong head bolts, then it's possible that they could work loose especially if you drive over potholes or rough terrain. If you employ ARP head bolts or a similar precision brand, then you will benefit from the combination of quality engineering and premium materials. With the right head bolts, you can know that they have more than adequate strength to keep the exhaust firmly attached to your vehicle whatever the journey may be like.

What makes a good head bolt?

Perhaps you think that one head bolt is much the same as another, but that isn't the case. Some manufacturers design their products to withstand the unique pressures faced by an exhaust head. With premium head bolts, the chrome-moly or stainless steel finish applied to the bolts enables them to endure the fiercely hot temperatures they will face when the exhaust is in use, and this gives them the edge and ensures that their performance will exceed many inferior head bolts.

To find head bolts, including ARP head bolts, for your exhaust, talk to your local supplier or auto accessories shop today.

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