Why Hybrid Campers Are The Best Of Both Worlds For All Adventurers

Why Hybrid Campers Are The Best Of Both Worlds For All Adventurers

Why Hybrid Campers Are The Best Of Both Worlds For All Adventurers

23 April 2020
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Many Australians love going camping and for a long time debate has raged over which way to do it is best. Is it better to go the more luxurious route and use the caravan with all of its modern comforts protected from the outside by four strong walls? Or should you try and go as bush as possible, with a smaller but still versatile camper trailer that lets you camp anywhere your four-wheel drive can reach? The answer to that generations-long debate may now finally be put to rest with the best of both worlds found in hybrid campers. 

What Are Hybrid Campers?

Hybrid campers are exactly what they sound like: a blend of the best features of both the traditional caravan and camper trailer. While the design may seem that it leans more towards the camper trailer on first glance (seeing as it is always towed and smaller than most caravans) once you step inside you realise this is a much closer combination of both. Hybrid campers have fully functioning kitchens, electrical appliances, sturdy beds and air conditioning but also come with tires capable of going offroad, a more compact structure and a clever layout which allows for the maximum amount of livable space to be squeezed out of it. 

Why Wouldn't I Just Pick My Favourite Of The Two? 

This is a valid question and if you feel strongly about a camper trailer or caravan then it makes sense to stick with your choice. The truth is while hybrid campers are, as the name suggests, hybrids of the two designs they have their own unique identity as well. Hybrid campers are for people who want to explore every inch of Australia without having to worry about the limitations of their vehicles. They are for those who also want to have a chilled beer in a comfortable and full-sized bed after a long days trek through the bush or drive through rough dirt roads. Previously you would have to make a choice about comfort or convenience, but now with a third option on the market, you can have both.

I Am On A Budget, Can I Still Find A Hybrid Camper To Fit My Needs?

Of course! There are many hybrid campers specifically designed for those who can't spend unlimited amounts of money on all-terrain campers (as much as they would like to!). While you might not see all the trimmings and fixtures that you would find on the premium models, more budget-friendly options still come with the features you love from both caravans and camper trailers including big beds, kitchen space and strong construction and off-road capability. There are also many ways to finance these purchases with loans that come with very good payment schemes. 

For more information on hybrid campers, reach out to a supplier.

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