A Quick Comparison Of Three Popular Towbars To See Which Suits Your Needs Best

A Quick Comparison Of Three Popular Towbars To See Which Suits Your Needs Best

A Quick Comparison Of Three Popular Towbars To See Which Suits Your Needs Best

2 April 2020
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Towbars are a great addition to cars for many, practical reasons. Some towbars can save your car from a lot of damage in the event of a collision while others can hold several tonnes of weight in place for long journeys. Getting the right towbar for your needs is all about knowing which type fulfils most of the items on your checklist. The only way you can find that out is by comparing them against each other, so here is a quick rundown of three of the more popular types of towbars which should set you on the right track! 

European Towbars

European towbars are, you guessed it, primarily popular with European models of cars often because they fit the more slim designs very elegantly. However, they also have several unique features, such as a removable hitch. This hitch has a very pronounced neck that is very useful for towing or other attachments. It will not be that useful in the event of a crash because it is quite thin and very close to the body of the car. If you have a European car and are struggling to find towbars that don't look like a massive eyesore, then you should definitely stick with European-styled towbars.

Lamp Protectors

On the opposite end of the spectrum to the European towbar is the lamp protector towbar, which is specifically made for protecting the caboose of your vehicle. Made in a more unique fashion than most towbars, a lamp protector has quite high corners which defend the lamps and lights from collisions, hence the name. It does have a standard hitch that can tow light trailers. This makes it great for work vehicles that are in constant use that have large tail-lights which come in handy on rural roads where lighting is at a bare minimum. 

50mm Horizontal Hitch

A 50mm horizontal hitch is perhaps the most ubiquitous towbar across Australia. Built to tow large loads for a long period of time, they pack quite a punch. This makes them quite heavy and rules them out for smaller vehicles (although there are mini alternatives of the horizontal hitch). While it does have some defensive capabilities (simply due to its huge size) this is unlikely to be needed because most people who keep the 50mm horizontal hitch towbar on are using it constantly. If you are going on an outback camping trip or are a tradie who needs to haul their tools and materials with them to a job, then there is no better option than a 50mm horizontal hitch. 

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